EMS Anyware

EMS Anyware


Vault Cloud Based System Backup and Emergency Hosted Disaster Operations

EMS Anyware - VAULT is a cloud based replication service for your Dispatch and Billing Systems. We set up a replication of your databases and files needed to run your system. In the event of a significant failure of infrastructure or facilities, you can relocate your staff to an alternative site. Using the internet access at your alternative site, you can connect to our Virtual Hosted Environment and continue operations. Our system will be as close to the point of failure of your system as it can be, based on configuration of your system and our link to it.

  • Hosted at a Tier 1 Data Facility
  • High Bandwidth Availability
  • Weekly Full SQL Backup
  • Daily SQL Differential Backup
  • SQL Log Backups Every 15 Minutes
  • Go Live Activation in as little 2 hours
  • We will assist in the Reverse Migration back to your system
  • Provides near real-time RCSQL replication to a Tier 1 Data Facility
  • Maintains VMWare pool for Hosted Disaster Operations
  • High bandwidth availability
  • Industry specific experience to assist in the startup, switchover, and reverse migration to your services


Internet Connection

Our data exchanger is a simple Windows service that sends only necessary information from your CAD to our cloud. A minimum of DSL or Cable Modem is required.

Integrated Security

If you intend to integrate user access with your existing Windows Active Directory, we will need to establish a secure VPN connection to enable authentication through your domain controller.


Mobile Manager works from any desktop/laptop or mobile device from a web browser. Additionally, on Apple and Android devices we provide an app which also provides Push Notificaiton technology.

We bring your independant systems together right into your pocket!

Continue using your feature rich CAD and management Systems. Our data exchanger is designed to interface with some of the best CAD and tracking systems on the market:

  • ESO Dispatch (Formerly JefBar) - Ambulance Dispatch Software
  • MRESnet - Medical Response Emergency Software
  • Zoll Data - Rescue Net © Dispatch
  • eCore - Timeclock, Scheduling, Fleet and Incident Management Software
  • InSight - Street Eagle Vehicle Tracking
  • TimeIPS - Biometric Timeclock
  • ESO - Patient Care Reporting
  • Sansio - Health EMS
  • If you don't see your system, ask us, we'll add it!


Secure High Density Data Center

Multiple layers of security are employed to control, monitor and record access to and within the data center. Our data center is staffed 24x7x365 with on-site personnel to augment physical security features and provide rapid response to any issue. » Learn More


All information is 256 byte encrypted using Secure Socket Layers (SSL) protection provided by Network Solutions.


Mobile Manager is designed to either work independant or with your existing IT security infrastructure (Active Directory). You decide on the personnel that can have access to Mobile Manager and which levels in your organization they have should have visibility limited to.

HIPAA Privacy Rule

If necessary, prior to any of your information being stored on our servers, we will ensure that we enter into a Business Associate Agreement with you which states that we agree to protect your data, while additionally documenting our agreement not to disclose any information unless otherwise permitted or required by the agreement itself or as required by law.




Download the latest version of Mobile Manager from the Apple iTunes Store. »iTunes

Google Play

Google Play

Download the latest version of Mobile Manager from the Google Play Market. »Google Play